Barry M coconut infusion gel nail paints

We all know nail polishes can range from being very inexpensive to being quite expensive and sometimes it’s hard to know what the quality is going to be like without spending your money on them. 

On many occasions I have indulged in spending a lot on colours I think will look and apply great just because they’re from a ‘higher end’ brand. I have however been quite disappointed with the outcome of the product, as I’ve often been left with streaky lines, a sheer colour upon application or chipping of the polish a few days after putting it on my nails. 

I’ve been passing these Barry M cosmetics gel nail paints for a few weeks and I finally cracked and decided to give these two shades a go  because I thought the colours looked so fresh and vibrant for spring and summer. 


I wasn’t disappointed at all. I’ve been wearing these over the past few weeks and they are two of the best polishes I have tried recently. The colour is opaque just with one layer, they last a whole lot longer than any others I’ve tried recently and the colour payoff is exactly the same as what is in the bottle. Not to mention they have a coconut  infused scent too! 





I would highly recommend these polishes and will definitely be trying out some more colours from the range. 

Have you tried any of these? I’d love to hear your recommendations. 

The five minute edit 


Manic Mondays!

Monday’s are always the most hectic day of the week for me, and probably everybody else reading this!  One of the most difficult things about the start of the week is deciding what to wear, and if you’re from the UK like I am then you’ll fully understand why I say this. The weather plays a huge part in the decisions of Sunday night. One day its 24 degrees, the sun is out and there are clear blue sky’s. The next it’s forecast to be heavy rain and gusts of wind, strong enough to sweep you off your feet. Today was no exception!

Yesterday the weather was perfect for a Sunday in June. Out came the flip-flops and off came the heavy jacket. But the decision to wear this light weight Topshop shirt was not made lightly. I decided to pair it with a pair of black skinny jeans, for comfort,  and on my feet I went for these smart brown leather Loafers from Office. As I was trying to keep the look simple I added a gold necklace from H&M.


Although it’s a day in the office, the weather is never predictable and neither is the temperature inside the office where wars take place over the air conditioning. Looking outside the window I feel like I made the right decision to wear a comfortable, casual yet smart outfit.

The Five Minute Edit X